Why a website alone is not enough

You may have invested in a website
some time ago or are thinking of building
a new site?

After getting the content and design
right the other key pillar of a successful web presence is to make people aware that you are there.

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO makes sure you that your site is visible to potential clients when they look for the products and services you offer.

If your site cannot be found on the
Internet your initial investment will not
get your name out there or return the
revenue it was built for.

All sale is online sales

In a culture where the majority of
people search the web to find information prior to purchase, high visibility of your website is crucial, even if your business is not strictly e-commerce.



Maintain your site to make it a success

All our websites are optimised with key words,metatags, titles, descriptions, etc.
and are submitted to the relavant search engines.

We also provide advice on how to make relevant mailings, digital newsletters etc., linked to your site and how to generate campaigns that will help you reach out to increase your market or customer share.

It is paramount that your website as a key sales tool, directly or indirectly, needs
regular maintenance just as any other
area of the business.

If you are planning to launch a new
website talk to us in order to create
a strong virtual shop front that can
easily grow and develop with your

We will also be able to advise you on
what to do next after going live and
offer a range of additional SEO packages
to boost your virtual exposure.



We have partnered with one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in
Ireland with whom we deliver the most powerful SEO Packages.

You can choose from a range of monthly packages tailor-made for your business
targets and budget, including:

> Website Analysis & Report
> Target market specific Keyword Analysis
> On-page Keyword Density
> Content Optimisation
> On-page Navigation Optimisation
> Download Speed Optimisation
> Meta Tag Creation
> Search Engine Submission
> Target Market Directory Submissions
> Social Bookmarking Submissions
> Monthly Article Submissions
> Google XML Sitemap
> Back Linking Campaign
> Monthly Report

Contact us for further information on specific packages and / or in order to advsie you on what will get you measurable results within a short space of time.


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