Are you exploring this platform to boost your business?

Social Media is both, loved and
dreaded, however this fast pace part
of the marketing game is likely to have affected your area of business at this stage.

Many businesses have made several attempts, attending crash courses, etc. with varying degrees of success,
coming to the conclusion that this is another area of marketing that
requires a large investment in time in order to get up to date and stay that

In the meantime the average Irish
consumer is exposed to high paced
social media, in fact is actively involved
in it and loves it.

Can you miss out on exploring this opportunity?


Twitter, Facebook, Google +, ...
The ABC of Social Media

Clifford Marketing have partnered with
one of the largest Irish Social Media
companies and can help you ‘solve the
mystery of Social Media’.

Facebook campaigns, posting, tweeting, growth & interaction management,
digital campaigns, PPC (pay per click)
and reputation management - we have it at our fingertips and can work with you to establish a tailor-made Social Media

Social Media Management will help you
to find out what your clients want and subsequently help you make your
business more successful.

Whatever role Social Media will play in
the future of your business, we can help
you to get started now and identify
where and how to engage with your clients.


Promote, communicate and use to measure your business

Running a business, like you, we know
that it is all about time, resources and
results - the most common ‘excuse’ for
why Social Media Marketing is not yet
part of the overall marketing plan.

Bet you’ll LIKE this

With hands on expert advice for Social
Media together with genuine business
acumen - at Clifford Marketing you can
avail of a number of monthly Social
Media Management Packages.

Contact us for further information on
specific packages and / or in order to
advice you on what will get you
measurable results within a short
space of time.


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